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Tara Biography
Tara first came into the lives of the Slayerettes during the forth season episode 'Hush', a landmark episode in that most of it was silent.  She first came into contact with Willow, through the on campus Wicca group.  Tara and Willow appeared to be the only real Wiccas in the group, the rest of the class not only didn't cast spells, but didn't believe in spellcasting at all.  The two got together to discuss their mutual unfulfillment from the group.  Tara had grown up with Witchcraft in her family and Willow was happy to find someone she could really talk to about it.
During 'Hush', demons known as the Gentlemen stole the voices of all the people in Sunnydale.  Tara believed that she and Willow could cast a    
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    spell to get the voices back.  On her way to Willow's room she was attcked by the Gentlemen.  She managed to find Willow and the two fled.  They discovered that, together, they were far more powerful tha they were individually.  Although Tara is adament that Willow posses more power than she does, it seems likely that Tara possesses just as much, if not more power than Willow does.  The two started to spend much more time together, casting spells, however, it soon became apparent that the relationship was leaning more towards the sexual.  This was confirmed when Oz, Willow's former boyfriend returned from travelling and Willow informed him that she and Tara were together.  Tara continued to make more and more of an impact on the Slayerettes lives.  She was the first one to realise that Buffy's body had been invaded by Faith's spirit, and she was instrumental indiscovering the counter-spell with Willow.    
     In the forth season finale Restless, when Willow, Xander, Giles and Buffy were hunted in their dreams, it was Tara who was selected to guide Buffy and Willow in their dreams, although the reason for this is unclear.
In the fifth season Tara continued to become a more intergral part of the Scooby Gang, although, as she admitted to Willow in 'Real Me', she still felt like she didn't fit in with the others.  Prt way into the season, Amber's family come to Sunnydale for her birthday.  They proved to be a nasty bunch, who had been decieving the weman in their family into thinking they were demons to keep them in line.
Towards the end of the season, Willow and Tara had their first big fight, which resulted in         Tara    
    Tara running off and being cornered by Glory, who, by taking the information from Tara's head regarding the fact that Dawn was the Key, turned Tara insane.  It was during this period that Willow's love for Tara showed through especially.  Tara was a mad, quivering wreck, who could be happy one minute and slapping Willow in the face and calling her a bitch the next moment.  It was Tara who, unknowingly, lead them to Glory.  Willow was able to reverse Tara's insanity, and the relief and love shown by both of them was obvious to see.
At the beginning of the sixth season, Willow and Tara moved into the Summers' house to look after Dawn following Buffy's death battling Glory.  For a time, the pair were the happiest they'd been.  Following Willow's                   success in brining Buffy back to life using powerful magicks however, Tara began to get more and more concerned about Willow's over-use of magick.  When Tara found out that Willow used magick to make her forget that they'd had a fight over Willow's use of magick, she issued Willow with an ultimatum, stop using too much magick or they would have to break up.  Willow tried, but it was too much and Tara was forced to leave her.  The relationship between them from then on was very awkward, even when Willow stopped using magick altogether, Tara found it hard to forgive her.  Gradually, however, the two started hanging out again and the love that had always been there swelled again and the two got back together.  Their bliss,    
     however, was short-lived, s Tara was shot by a stray bullet meant for Buffy.  She died in Willow's arms.
Tara Maclay, 1980 - 2002, Rest In Peace.
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